WordPress Meetup in DC - District of Columbia (United States)

2020-07-29 (Wednesday)
Share Our Experience with Divi

Community: Divi DC

2020-07-29 19:00

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Whether you're an expert or a beginner, come join our group and share your experience using the DIVI Theme Builder.

This meeting's topic is: Starting Our DIVI Community - Brainstorming Topics and Breaking the Ice.

Welcome to our first DIVI DC Meetup. We'll start by getting to know each other and what we would like to get out of a group like this.
Together we'll brainstorm topics and discuss the skills we would like to learn from each other in the coming months.

Towards the end, there will be time to network and possibly help those who have a specific issue related to the DIVI theme builder. We'll also provide an opportunity to share the most recent DIVI web designs we've created.

Here is the schedule:
1. Introductions
2. Sharing Our Experiences
(Current Challenges and Previous Success)
3. DIVI Related Questions & Answers
4. Conclusion & Summary of Our Discussion
5. Mingle, Network, and Departure