WordPress Meetup in CT - Connecticut (United States)

2020-04-07 (Tuesday)
[ONLINE] Getting started with Chrome DevTools

Community: WordPress Hartford

2020-04-07 18:00

Online event

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Due to the ongoing situation with the Coronavirus, we'll be holding our Meetups online until further notice.

In Part 1 of our meeting we'll take a look at how you can use Google Chrome's free Developer Tools to troubleshoot your website or edit a page "on-the-fly" without impacting your live website. You'll get an overview of its most important features and see a live demo of how it works. Even if you don't use Chrome, there are similar tools built into most modern web browsers, so you can still take away some tips for increasing your technical skills.

This presentation will be for BEGINNER and INTERMEDIATE level WordPress users.


In Part 2, Peter will continue to share various plugins that are recommended to improve your website and save you time. He'll also share testing tools and tips on how to help improve the speed of your website.

Finally, with WordPress 5.4 launching on March 31st, Peter will review the major changes included in the update.

We'll also save time for an open Q&A forum where you can bring up any issues or questions.