WordPress Nashville (United States)


WordPress Nashville

Created on 2010-10-25
with 1952 members.


About the Community

Age: 40 years

Women: 44.80%
Men: 52.15%
Other: 3.05%

Welcome to the Nashville WordPress Community! We are an all inclusive, member organized group of WordPress enthusiasts. 

Places to meet!

• Community Site - wpnashville.com
Slack community chat
• Meetup events
• WordCamp

How to get involved

• Planning meetup events
• Organizing WordCamp
• Trolling the slack community chat questions


• Monthly user meetup - presentation or Q&A
• Monthly dev breakfast
• Monthly dev meetup - presentation and Q&A

A little history

• Regular meetup events since late 2010
• We have been a part of the official WordPress Chapter program since 2012
• Yearly WordCamps since 2012

Not so sure about Meetup? Join us on Slack

The best place to get connected to the Nashville WordPress community is our Slack group. Daily activity and conversations about all things WordPress, an active Jobs channel and WordCamp planning. 

Without a doubt the slack group is the current hub of the Nashville WP community!

Join us on Slack

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