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Age: 47 years

Women: 54.94%
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A meetup group for Maui WordPress users.

We welcome everyone from complete beginners to 10 year WordPress veterans to come share their knowledge with each other.

We've started designating every other meetup as general or advanced.  While everyone is welcome at both, members should try to bring more beginner and content focused talks and topics to the general meetups and more advanced code and development focused talks and topics to the advanced meetup.

We try to round up an agenda on MauiWP.org and our facebook group a few days before the actual meetup.  Sometimes we even succeed!  If you're bringing something to share with the group let us know so no one misses it.

Note that while we mostly discuss themes, plugins, content development and everything else that goes into setting up, operating and mainting a self-hosted WordPress website, much of what we discuss at the general meetups also applies to WordPress.com hosted sites.  (If you don't know the difference, start here: .com vs .org).  Again, everyone is welcome!





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