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Created on 2010-10-06 with 2327 members.


About the Community

Age: 40 years

Women: 41.30%
Men: 53.79%
Other: 4.91%

WordPress started in Houston, TX with Matt Mullenweg and a committed group of bloggers. Since then, it has grown to be the most popular website management solution on the web. As of January of 2018, WordPress is used by more than 29.4% of the top 10 million websites.

We are part of a worldwide community of over 500 WordPress Meetups. We meet regularly face-to-face to talk about digital marketing, plugins, themes, business strategies, etc... A typical meeting is filled with a  mix of small business owners, digital marketing specialists, directors of marketing, entrepreneurs, designers, developers, hobbyists, photographers... whew... that list could go on and on. We are a group as diverse as Houston and passionate about helping each other out.

Why don't you join us at our next event?

• The Heights Group: Typically meets the 1st Thursday of the Month in The Heights area northwest of downtown Houston and is hosted by John Peterson.

• The Humble Group: Meets on Saturdays in the Humble area northeast of Houston and is hosted by Adam Shed.

• The Sugar Land Group: Typically meets on the 3rd Wednesday of the Month in the Sugar Land area southwest of Houston and is hosted by Christina Hawkins.

If you would like to present at a Houston WordPress Meetup or have a request for a meeting topic, please contact one of the lead organizers above using the Meetup Direct Messaging System.

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