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Created on 08/28/2011 with 185 members.


About the Community

Age: 38 years

Women: 45.00%
Men: 48.57%
Other: 6.42%

The College Station WordPress Meetup Group is for any WordPress enthusiast from new to experienced.  We are a group dedicated to getting together at least once per month to discuss all things WordPress related.

Connect with other WordPress users and web developers.

The group is evolving, as is the meeting structure. With presentations on a wide range of WordPress related topics, and great discussion about all things WordPress, meetings are lively and interesting. 

This is a group for anyone interested in sharing ideas or learning more about WordPress. A way for WordPress designers and developers in the College Station and surrounding areas to connect with and learn from each other.  It is the perfect way to learn about latest trends in design and development of WordPress websites as it pertains to small business or personal websites, SEO, web design, online marketing, etc.

If you're new to or just getting started with USING WordPress, this group is PERFECT for you! 

Subjects covered will include but will not be limited to: 

• setting up your first WordPress website

• the basics of how to use the WordPress Dashboard

• plugin installing and implementation

• how to select, use, and customize a theme (without coding)

• proper web site structure through proper planning, 

and more.

Join us, and find out why WordPress is so popular!  Not to mention we're a fun group and welcome new friends!

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