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Age: 45 years

Women: 38.81%
Men: 59.70%
Other: 1.49%

People who use WordPress for Web Site Development, WordPress for their business or personal use, People new to WordPress, WordPress beginners and novices to WordPress advanced and experts. The initial goals are opportunities to get help with WordPress, share applications, show and tell your WordPress site(s). A future goal is to have a Lexington Word Camp. Another goal is to bring freelancers, developers and users together to learn from each other. 

I have just put up a web site in WordPress for the group - Kentucky Word Press Geeks - I am finding that the MeetUp site is not so good for people to communicate with each other. 

Feel free to check out and like our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/CentralKYWPGeeksBloggers/

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