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Created on 2016-01-31
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About the Community

Age: 41 years

Women: 39.74%
Men: 56.41%
Other: 3.85%

Aurora WordPress is a local group for WordPress users, developers, designers, startups, small business owners, and anyone interested in learning more about WordPress, based in Aurora, Colorado.   

The purpose of Aurora WordPress is to provide a stress-free place for WordPress developers, users, and all others, to network, socialize, "talk shop," support the local WordPress community, enjoy informative workshops, and get to know one another.

Come chat with me, other WordPress users or developers or just come for the company and cup of coffee.

What is WordPress

It is the earth's most popular website Content Management System (used by web developers). It powers the majority of websites on the internet today and is used by companies such as Sony Music, Walt Disney, NASA, the Rolling Stones, MSNBC, Olympic athlete Usain Bolt, the Dallas Mavericks, Ringling Brothers & Barnum Bailey Circus, BBC America, and millions of others around the globe.

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