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Created on 2019-10-18
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About the Community

Age: 42 years

Women: 35.00%
Men: 50.00%
Other: 15.00%

The Auburn WordPress Meetup Group is for any WordPress user – new or experienced – who wants to learn more about WordPress, network with other users and developers, and discuss all things WordPress.

This group provide a location for people located in south King County and north Pierce County to get together to learn, discuss and meet other WordPress users.  We host a free monthly meetup in Auburn, WA with easy access from Highway 167 or 18 and free parking.  We are open to all WordPress users such as:

• Beginners or people who are not familiar with WordPress

• People using WordPress for their business and websites

• More experienced users who want to do more with WordPress

• Technical-minded developers, designers, and freelancers

The meetup will be structured into two parts.  The first part will a presentation on a WordPress topic.  The second part will be a help desk collaboration.  We will break up into small groups to help and answers people questions on WordPress.  So, if you have questions, please attend. If you can provide answers, please attend also.  Everyone has knowledge to share regardless of your experience with WordPress.  Wireless will be available for laptops.

We would love for you to be a part of our welcoming, active and enthusiastic group. Please join us and come to the next event!

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