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Monday, February 17, 2020
Continuing on Our Progress of WordPress Website and Content

Community: WordPress Bakersfield

02/17/2020 06:00 pm | Bakersfield (USA)

Mesh Cowork
2005 Eye Street Suite #4, Bakersfield (USA)

Mesh is located right next to Dagny's - walk in the building and head upstairs - we're in the large Mesh Meeting Room

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We'll continue our progress of building new WordPress websites and creating content.

Regardless if you're just starting or already have a website we welcome all levels of experience and try to offer both beginner and advanced presentations.

Quick intermission to stretch our legs, network, and give a chance for those whom may need, or can help with WordPress sites to stick around for the second-half of the meetup.

The tentative second-half part of the MeetUp will focus on those needing help with their website or have questions about Wordpress and/or websites.

Our evening Meetups are open to everyone and of all skill levels! Right now the meetups consist of presentations, discussion, and networking everything WordPress!

If you need help with your website, please bring a laptop and your login stuff to make things easier.

Full rules @ http://bit.ly/2FIKt1N

What you need to know: GDPR, CO & CA Privacy Laws

Community: WordPress Boulder

02/17/2020 06:00 pm | Boulder (USA)

Boulder Digital Arts
1600 Range Street Suite 100, Boulder (USA)

Held in the BDA classroom.

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Attorney Jenifer McIntosh will talk about responsibilities and rights: what are peoples' rights with regard to their personal data, and what are companies' responsibilities with their use of personal data?

She'll run through the GDPR and CCPA, with a little touchpoint on the Colorado law. We can then get into what people need to be aware of with regard to their collection, use, and protection of personal data. We can also discuss what you can do for your own protection.

Some questions she will answer are:

1) What permission do you need to explicitly seek when you gather information from actions taken by the user on the site (e.g. purchasing a product, filling out a web form, signing up for a newsletter, registering to get access to content)?

2) What permission do you need to explicitly seek regarding cookies (e.g. tracking pixels, analytics scripts, etc.)?

3) What do you need to do in terms of privacy policies, data retention policies, informing people of data compromise (which data), deleting of data, etc.?

Data Privacy, IP and litigation counsel with HIPAA, CAN-SPAM, FDA, EMA, GDPR, CCPA and other compliance experience. Creative, resourceful and hard working. I used to build fence and clean water troughs, so yes, I can say hard working.

My practice has included all manner of transactional and litigation matters, specializing in IP and anything data related. I've litigated, prosecuted, and licensed patents, trade secrets, trademarks, copyrights, and data, using each unique experience to inform another. I am more than happy to spend time with engineers, marketing, HR and leadership to explain how to leverage a global, ethical privacy governance and compliance program to outpace competitors and build loyalty with clients and consumers alike.

And yes, we will all survive the CCPA apocalypse. I promise.

Professional offspring mediator. First and Fourth Amendment Junkie. I truly love my work and the amazing people & clients I get to work with. I am also extremely passionate about making this world a better place - for everyone on it.

WordPress Peoria Meetup

Community: WordPress Peoria

02/17/2020 06:00 pm | Peoria (USA)

Web Services, Inc.
7501 N University #100, Peoria (USA)

We are now right out front of the Pioneer Square Shopping Center with Le Peep on one end of the building and Web Services, Inc. on the opposite end of the building facing University. Just park out front and come on in.

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Join us every third Monday of the month for our casual get together to talk about WordPress and the web . Experience levels may vary with each month's topic.

We begin with a monthly topic, and then finish the evening with general discussion and answer questions that we have.

WordPress powers approximately 1/4 of the entire internet, it's an impressively powerful and still very easy to use tool. Sometimes you just need a little help picking up the basics.

WordPress Professionals Hangout

Community: WordPress Montclair

02/17/2020 07:00 pm | Montclair (USA)

HackNCraftNJ Makerspace
60 S Fullerton Ave, Montclair (USA)

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This Meetup is exclusively for people working professionally in the WordPress ecosystem, whether as a developer, designer, trainer, or support person.

We've found that our Help Desk Meetups do not allow enough time for the self-identified experts in the room to hang out and chat about WordPress and what they are doing. This Meetup is for them.

If you are working with WordPress in a professional manner and know it well, then this Meetup is for you. Come meet the other WordPress experts in the area and network professionally. If you are a beginner with WordPress, this Meetup is not for you.

We will also use this Meetup to plan and decide our monthly presentation-based Meetup which happens on the fourth Monday of every month.

Beer and pizza will be provided.

Building forms with Gravity Forms - WhittierWP

Community: WordPress Whittier

02/17/2020 07:00 pm | Whittier (USA)

12411 Slauson Ave Suite A, Whittier (USA)

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Join us for a presentation on form building in WordPress Jason Tucker will be presenting on building complex forms with WordPress and his form builder of choice, Gravity Forms.

Bring your computer and any questions you might have about form building. If you have a different form builder of choice, there will be time to share it with the room and talk about why you love it.

At the end of the meeting we’ll open up for general WordPress Q&A

Pizza provided by WPwatercooler.com

Tuesday, February 18, 2020
Cookies, SSL Certificate, Privacy Policy, & Terms of Use

Community: WordPress Denton

02/18/2020 11:30 am | Denton (USA)

608 East Hickory Street, Suite 128, Denton (USA)

We will be to the right as you walk in the door. Don't park in covered parking or at the transit center.

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You have a WordPress website, but do you need to know about cookies, SSL certificates, privacy policies, and terms of use policies? Google will flag sites without SSL's as not secure and the best practice for every website is to have policies that outline what, if any, information you collect from visitors and what they can expect from your website.

We'll go over free and paid options for all of the above and will have time for any questions you have about your website.

Join our Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/dentonwp/

Bring your laptop or tablet and your lunch if you'd like.

WordPress Networking Lunch

Community: WordPress Chattanooga

02/18/2020 12:00 pm | Chattanooga (USA)

The Naked River Brewing Co.
1791 Reggie White Blvd, Chattanooga (USA)

We usually aim for the high top tables in the front part of the building. When the weather gets nice, though, look for us outside!

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Join us for a casual time of hanging out, discussing all things WordPress, and enjoying some great food and beverages at the Naked River Brewing Co (it's Taco Tuesday!).

WordPress Help Desk

Community: WordPress Raleigh

02/18/2020 02:30 pm | Raleigh (USA)

HQ Raleigh
310 S Harrington St, Raleigh (USA)

We will be in the large conference room, on the second floor above the entrance.

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Bring your laptop because we are going to help you with your website!

Are you trying to figure out how to fix your website using only YouTube videos?

Frustrated by support forum posts that are dated from years ago?

Join us for two hours of assistance with your website. We will have at least one WordPress professional available to answer questions and help you work on your website.

Note: This event is published on multiple calendars in the area and has people RSVP from multiple sources. You may only see one or two people in this list, but fine there are more people at the help desk event. Don't let a small number of RSVPs here dissuade your from attending. We look forward to helping you with WordPress.

Optimizing your website speed

Community: WordPress Gulfport

02/18/2020 05:00 pm | Gulfport (USA)

Orange Grove Public Library
12135 Old Hwy 49, Gulfport (USA)

We are in the first conference room to the right as you enter the library.

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We will discuss the strategies and tools you can use to speed up your website. Speed is critically important to your page rank and is rumored to be the next inclusion in the Google Algorithm.

"Open" Viewing and Social Hour

Community: WordPress Aspen

02/18/2020 05:30 pm | Aspen (USA)

Aspen Library Mill Street
Aspen (USA)

Come to the library and ask the desk where the WordPress meetup is, and they'll point you to the right room!

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Map Aspen (USA)

We will meet at the LIBRARY to view "Open" the WordPress film, before heading out for snacks and beers at Public House around 6pm.

In business for yourself? Basic legal information you need to know.

Community: WordPress Naperville

02/18/2020 06:00 pm | Naperville (USA)

NIU Satellite Campus
1120 E. Diehl Road, Naperville (USA)

Room 166, at the far southeast end of the building

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In the WordPress community, many of us own small businesses or do freelance work. It can be tricky to understand the legal implications of how we present ourselves as professional service providers. You might find yourself with legal liability you didn't anticipate, or with problems from a poorly-written contract.

In this session, attorney Dan Reed of Aurora firm Alschuler, Simantz & Hem, LLC will discuss the difference between various business entities, questions of liability, and what details should be in your contracts with clients. This casual presentation and Q&A session will be fun and informative.

This is not a WordPress-specific presentation, but there will be time afterwards for questions and discussion, so if you have a WordPress problem bring your laptop and one of our knowledgeable members will be happy to help!

Our usual schedule is:

6:00 pm - 6:20 pm Networking
6: 20 pm Introductions
6:30 presentations & discussion begins.

Note: We are in Room 166, at the southeast end of the building. First room on the left if you come in through the south doors. Park way over in the southeast part of the lot.

CSS edits - using browser Dev Tools and MicroThemer CSS editor.

Community: WordPress Santa Cruz

02/18/2020 06:00 pm | Santa Cruz (USA)

Cruzio & Ecology Action Green Building
877 Cedar Street, Suite 150 Cruzio Community Room, Santa Cruz (USA)

Cruzio locks the door at 6 p.m. If you arrive after 6, please ring the doorbell.

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Map Santa Cruz (USA)

Starting at 5: 55 pm!
Cruzio locks the door at 6 p.m.
If you arrive after 6, please ring the doorbell.

6-6: 15 pm Introductions

6:30 ~ 7:30
A general discussion about how to problem-solve CSS issues with your WordPress site using browser dev tools and MicroThemer CSS editor.

7:30 ~ 8:30
Questions and answers.

Hope to see you at the meetup.​ Come have a great time at the meetups.

Community WordPress Support - RSVP For Help

Community: WordPress Tulsa

02/18/2020 06:00 pm | Tulsa (USA)

8316 E 93rd St
8316 E 93rd St, Tulsa (USA)

Ash Meeting Room

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While we love educating our community about doing business online, we also want to take time to support you with your WordPress website. This month we will spend two hours assisting people who want to talk about their website and get help and insights from the professionals in our community. There is no cost for this support but we do ask that if you plan on attending that you RSVP for this event.

This is your chance to get free help from local professionals who donate their time to support our WordPress community.

DC: February WordPress Meetup - WordPress-to-Static without Writing Code

Community: WordPress Washington DC

02/18/2020 06:00 pm | Washington (USA)

1800 Massachusetts Ave NW, 2nd Floor, Washington (USA)

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WordPress-to-Static: Building Super Faster, Low Maintenance Sites without Writing Code

The WordPress community is abuzz with talk of static sites. The speed and simplicity of static pages and sites make them an attractive option for many businesses and non-profits. Yet, how easy is it to produce these sites? Turns out, there are relatively straightforward, cost-effective ways for designers, content producers, and other non-technical folks to build WordPress sites for quick conversion to static sites. Come hear about how you can harness the power of WordPress-to-static sites without writing a single line of code.

About Liam:
Starting his creative career as a print designer, Liam Dempsey used to call himself a "designer who codes". Except he doesn't really write code any more – and hasn't for a few years. He runs a small marketing and design consultancy, LBDesign. Through LBDesign, Liam works with businesses and non-profits across the US, the UK and Africa. For the past year or so, Liam has been researching how to make static sites with WordPress without relying on Gatsby or writing code.

Follow him on Twitter:

As always, food and drink will be sponsored by U.Group (formerly known as CHIEF). See their website at https://u.group/

We rely on accurate RSVP counts to estimate how much food and drink to purchase for the event. If you realize you can't make it, please update your RSVP as soon as possible.


Please make a good faith effort to arrive at the meetup before 7 PM. The doors to the building lock after 7 PM and you may need to wait outside for a time to be escorted up to U.Group's DuPont Circle office.

WordPress Help Desk Meetup

Community: WordPress Seattle

02/18/2020 06:30 pm | Seattle (USA)

Smart Buildings Center, Pacific Tower
1200 12th Ave. S., Seattle (USA)

Enter the PacMed building at the south entrance. Go up a few stairs, past the elevators, and we'll be in the big training room to the left (across from the closed coffee stand). You'll see a projector, and lots of tables and chairs.

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Map Seattle (USA)

—— Tonight's Meetup: Help Desk! ——

Want Help with your WordPress site, or want to help others?

This is the place to come for learning and help getting over a hurdle. Bring your laptop and be ready to share your question, or help others with their questions.

——— The Help Desk Meetup ———

Meets the 3rd Tuesday of every month, and is intended for a wide audience: from new WordPress users to experienced bloggers, cutting edge designers, or advanced developers; all are welcome.

The Seattle WordPress Meetup is a free, non-judgemental place for people of any skill level, interest, or background to come and learn, share, and participate in our amazing WordPress community.

—— More About the Help Desk Meetup ——

Not Just Technical Help!

Our community is full of members with a broad range of expertise from building sites, to front and back-end development, hosting, strategy, UX and design, SEO and analytics, social networking, to project and business management.

Bring your non-technical questions and expertise, too!

Come Help Others!

If you don't need help, please come anyway! We want to add your voice, skills, and experience to the conversation. Besides, we just like your company! :)

Have fun sharing your thoughts, debating with your peers, and yes, marketing yourself and making friends as you help others over their hurdles.

Remember: if you've been doing WordPress for 2 days, you can help the person who's been doing it for 1 day.

——— Location ———

We are located in the Training Space for the Smart Buildings Center, a project of the Northwest Energy Efficiency Council. Go to the south entrance of the Pacific Tower on Beacon Hill, straight up a few stairs and past the elevators, and we'll be on your left in a big room with a projector, and lots of tables and chairs.



Emcee: Patrick Jackson
@pjackson on WPSeattle's Slack channel (https://wpseattleslack.wordpress.com/)
Send Patrick a message (https://www.meetup.com/SeattleWordPressMeetup/members/92664202/) here on meetup.com

—— AGENDA ——

6:30: Doors open
Networking and snacks

6:45: Open meeting
Introduce Hosts:
- Patrick Jackson (Emcee & Co-Host)
- Leslie Newman (Co-Host)

Thank sponsors:
- WordPress Foundation
- Smart Buildings Center (http://www.smartbuildingscenter.org/)
- A2 Hosting

- WordPress Freelancers Meetup
- WordPress 101
- DIY User Group for Bloggers & more

• Next Seattle WordPress Help Desk Meetup

7:00: Attendee Self-introductions

Be ready to introduce yourself and a question in 15 sec:
- Name
- Affiliation (name of your business, website, etc.)
- Expertise (developer, designer, blogger, etc.)
- 1 question (optional, but encouraged!)

7:15-8:30: Breakout discussion groups

8:30: Meeting Closes


—— WP Seattle Community ——

Want to know more about WordPress goings on in the area?

Check out the new community website!


—— Join the WP Seattle Slack Community! ——

Want to reach community members outside of a meetup? Join our slack team! (https://wpseattleslack.wordpress.com/)

Follow this link, and request an invite:

Slack is a free online community chat service. We have a helpful community, and several channels to organize your messages. These include...

#helpdesk - Get WordPress support from friendly Seattle WordPressers

#gigs - where we connect people looking for work with people looking for help

#meetups - Suggest topics, follow up on presentations, or catch up on what you missed

#business - Running a WordPress-based product or service business? Chat about business-related issues here

...And many more!

Managing Multiple WordPress Sites: An Open Discussion & Demonstration

Community: WordPress St. Petersburg

02/18/2020 06:30 pm | Saint Petersburg (USA)

Suncoast Developers Guild
2220 Central Ave, Saint Petersburg (USA)

Suncoast is located conveniently along Central Ave after exiting off 275 at 5th Avenue. Follow 20th St. South to Haslam’s Book Store on Central, take a right and the Academy is 2 blocks down on the left. On Street Parking is free after 6PM.

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Map Saint Petersburg (USA)

If you're a freelancer or run an agency, you've more than likely been in a situation where you have to manage multiple installations of WordPress. How do you handle your backups?
How do you manage your plugin & theme updates?
How do you monitor if your websites are working?
How do you turn off a site if the client stops paying?

We'll be doing an open forum guided discussion because everyone has good ideas when it comes to managing multiple websites. If you have a tool (or tools) you prefer, please come prepared to discuss them.

WPATX Beginners: Welcome to WordPress

Community: WordPress Austin

02/18/2020 07:00 pm | Austin (USA)

T-Werx Coworking - Four Points
Austin (USA)

This building is located off of 2222 and River Place Blvd next to CHARM and Four Points Chiropractic. It is the building complex behind the Black Walnut Cafe and in front of the Residence Inn by Marriott.

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Map Austin (USA)

The first event of the 2020 WPATX Beginner series will be an introduction to WordPress.

We will cover:
• Common terms
• The General structure WordPress
• The basics of plugins and themes
• Different types of content that can be created

• What to bring
Bring your questions and your laptops!

• Schedule
The Beginner classes consist of a small 15-30 minute presentation around the topic of the month. The rest of the time is spent on Q&A, networking, and helping each other grow.

• Important to know
This class is designed for those new to WordPress

Thank you to the West Austin Chamber of Commerce, our venue sponsor for the WPATX Beginners Class. We appreciate their ongoing support for 2020!


WPJax: Choosing a Host & Beginning Javascript

Community: WordPress Jacksonville

02/18/2020 07:00 pm | Jacksonville (USA)

Keiser University
6430 Southpoint Parkway, Jacksonville (USA)

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Map Jacksonville (USA)

This month's WPJax will include two lightning talks with opportunities for questions and answers afterwards! Join us as Laura Philips will be speaking on "Choosing a Host" and Ian Svoboda will be presenting on "Beginning Javascript."

A First Coast meetup for all interested in WordPress

From Beginner to Developer, everyone is welcome!

• Connections and Food

• Introductions

• Discussion/Presentation

• Q & A - Bring your Questions!

• Closing


All food and beverages are provided by our Sponsors. This month meetup is sponsored by Love Built Life, LLC.

(If you would like to sponsor a meetup, please contact [masked])

UX in WP with Types, Taxonomies, & Roles

Community: WordPress New York City

02/18/2020 07:00 pm | New York (USA)

11 Times Square, New York (USA)

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Map New York (USA)

Developers and admins quickly reach for a plugin when trying to limit (or expand) user capabilities in WordPress. Plugins often bring unexpected complications. Worse, a developer may introduce code to achieve something already available in WP. This can lead to legacy failures.

We’ll walk through using basic building blocks in WP to build custom user experiences with minimal amounts of code - custom post types, taxonomies, user roles, and templates. We’ll then talk about patterns to streamline repetitive work & tips to avoid pitfalls on more advanced builds.

A GitHub repository with stepped branches will be included so you can try on your own. Not a developer? We will recommend plugins that offer some parity to the solutions we cover.
PRESENTED BY: Victor Ramirez


7:00 PM: Driving Organic Traffic To Your WordPress Site

Organic Search Is most often the primary source of website rraffic. Most WordPress users start with an SEO plugin or two and set their defaults and then trust that they have their SEO “done”, but Search Engine Optimization goes far beyond that. The most effective sites that draw the most traffic are putting time and effort into determining what users are looking for and how the search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, Baidu, Amazon, etc…) determine what pages to deliver to those queries. In this presentation, we will cover the strengths and weaknesses of some of the best-known SEO plugins as well as understand what they do and why.

SEO is a long-term strategy, we will look at 2 trends in search that have been growing in importance over the past 5 years and learn what they are and why they matter.

Schema is a technical element that helps search engines identify more about your content and improves the way your page looks in search results

Content Clusters are a newer way to think about how to produce and deliver work that will rank well and drive traffic to your site.
Plan to take lots of notes and ask lots of questions! There will be small bits of information on many impactful topics, we will spend extra time on areas that feel useful and achievable by the folks who show up.
PRESENTED BY: Jefe Birkner

8:00 PM: UX in WP with Types, Taxonomies, & Roles


Victor Ramirez began his foray into the interwebs building websites and email newsletters for various high school art projects. Recently, he was a lead software engineer at Dow Jones defining WordPress at News Corp. He now is a lead product analytics engineer at The Know Worldwide. On the side, he runs An Abstract Agency (a WordPress agency), co-organizes the WPNYC MeetUp, & teaches high school students to code.

Jefe Birkner is Director of SEO at Converge (https://convergemarketing.com/), since he earned a Master’s in Computer Science from the College of Business at San Francisco State University he has worked in a range of digital marketing fields including mobile, app marketing, paid search and SEO. Jefe has also developed and managed WordPress sites for clients in Healthcare, Retail and E-commerce, Branding, and Non-profit.
Jefe has been attending WordPressNYC for nearly 5 years, since he moved to Brooklyn from the West Coast, and gets a lot of joy from helping big brands raise awareness and earn traffic as well as helping individuals and new businesses get found.

IMPORTANT sure to bring government-issued photo ID for security or you will not be allowed to enter the building.

How to Fix your SEO in WordPress

Community: WordPress Peachtree Corners

02/18/2020 07:00 pm | Peachtree Corners (USA)

Atlanta Tech Park
107 Technology Pkwy NW, Peachtree Corners (USA)

Follow the signs when you get in the front door.

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Map Peachtree Corners (USA)

Persistence and wheedling have paid off yet again, as I am pleased to announce we have snagged Bobby Kircher to present at the February meeting of Peachtree Corners WordPress Meetup!

Bobby Kircher is the Founder and Search Marketing Strategist at Papaya Search (https://papayasearch.com), a company that has specialized in search engine optimization for over 15 years.

Papaya Search has been a certified Google Partner since 2006 (yes, that long ago), and they help small businesses and individuals with SEO, PPC, social media marketing, marketplace management, and more.

Have you seen your Google traffic drop over time? Or are you looking to pick up more?

Bobby will provide actionable items you can implement in WordPress to help improve the SEO of your website, and recommend plugins and tools to help you move the needle.

So, come see what 15 years of experience brings to the table!

Learn how to fix your WordPress SEO.

See you on Tuesday, February 18.

Don't forget to RSVP!

Google Analytics Usage Basics

Community: WordPress Tucson

02/18/2020 07:00 pm | Tucson (USA)

Historic Brings Coworking | Downtown Tucson Office Space & Conference Rooms
236 S Scott Ave, Tucson (USA)

Upstairs above Owl Club in downtown Tucson. Use the door code 2222 to get in.

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Map Tucson (USA)

Join us for the February Tucson WordPress Meetup!

We'll be talking about the basics of using Google Analytics to track visitors to WordPress websites.

Important Info:

• Price: FREE
• Doors open: 7pm
• Everyone is invited. This is a topic friendly to users of all levels of WordPress expertise.
* Use the door code 2222 to get in.


• 7:30pm: Presentation by Mike Samitz, Dennis Snell and Chad Bush covering the basics of setting up and using Google Analytics with WordPress websites.
• 8:00pm: Open discussion of the recent WordCamp Phoenix 2020.
• 8:30pm: Further discussion and networking at Owl Club for those interested.

WPJaxKids Meetup

Community: WordPress Jacksonville

02/18/2020 07:10 pm | Jacksonville (USA)

Keiser University
6430 Southpoint Parkway, Jacksonville (USA)

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Map Jacksonville (USA)

This group runs simultaneously during the monthly Tuesday evening WPJax Meetups. This group is for kids and teens (between the ages of 7 and 16) that are interested in having a better understanding of how WordPress and blogs work!

STEAM oriented lessons will engage young minds while they participate in hands-on experiences to reinforce the concepts presented. Using project based learning with and without tech helps the youth and teens attending make learning connections that build self-confidence, self-awareness and self-direction to apply new learning.

Join us as we build up the next generation of digital leaders!


Feel free to bring laptops, tablets and phones.

For more information, be sure to watch the YouTube video below!



Wednesday, February 19, 2020
Milwaukee North WordPress Users Group (3rd-Wednesday)

Community: WordPress Greater Milwaukee

02/19/2020 09:00 am | Grafton (USA)

NSeven Coffee Company
1307 Wisconsin Ave, Grafton (USA)

From I-43: Take the Grafton exit and go west on Hwy 60 (Washington St). Turn south on Wisconsin Ave. NSeven is one block south on the West side of the street. Enter NSeven and head straight to the back room.

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Map Grafton (USA)

Love the 1st-Wednesday Waukesha meeting but can't always make the drive? Join us north of Milwaukee at the Milwaukee North WordPress Users Group meetup!

Structured just like the 1st-Wednesday meeting, the Milwaukee North meeting will take place on the 3rd-Wednesday of each month. We will meet at Grafton's newest coffee shop, NSeven, which has a large meeting room in the back reserved for us.

**This month Kristin will have just attended WordCamp Phoenix and will share any big topics or insights she learned. Nothing formal, just a retrospective chat.**

No purchase is required, but if you plan to eat or drink, please arrive a little early to grab your coffee and food. NSeven specializes in nitro drinks (coffee and flavored lemonades) but also has typical coffee shop drinks and food.

What to expect: The meeting will be informal, with attendees introducing themselves and then spending time talking, learning and co-working.

There will be no specific topics discussed. Instead, conversations will be peer-driven, helpful and friendly; based on questions or curiosities from those in attendance.

People with all levels of WordPress experience are welcome! New? Bring your questions. Experienced? Find opportunities to network and answer questions for others.

It is a good idea to bring your laptop or tablet (and your WordPress login credentials), so that you may take a deeper dive into an issue with a colleague.

I look forward to seeing you at this WordPress meetup!

WordPress Wednesday

Community: WordPress Petaluma

02/19/2020 11:00 am | Petaluma (USA)

Keller Street Cowork
140 Keller Street, Petaluma (USA)

Keller Street CoWork is Conveniently Located @ 140 Keller Street in Downtown Petaluma CA

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Map Petaluma (USA)

WordPress Wednesday @ Keller Street CoWork!

Want to get started with WordPress, or get BETTER at using WordPress? Thinking about building your own WordPress Website for the first time?
Maybe you're a WordPress Website owner wanting to learn the latest best practices for WordPress Security, Performance and SEO?

And if you're a WordPress Professional, you might be looking for a new forum to share your knowledge & skills less experienced WordPress users..

WordPress Wednesday is the Meetup event for YOU!!!

Local WordPress Professionals will be on-site at the meetup to assist you
with no-cost WordPress Consulting, Training & Design help in the form of a friendly, group learning styled Q & A session.


Everyone is welcome to attend this 100% Free Community Meetup!

Note: Be sure to bring a laptop or tablet, your WordPress login credentials, your questions about WordPress -- and most importantly, the willingness to help each other learn!

P.S. -Tell a Friend about WP Petaluma! @ www.WPPetaluma.org
P.P.S. - Enjoyed the meetup? Leave a review! @ www.WPPetaluma.org/reviews
P.P.P.S. - Check out our awesome Sponsors! @ www.WPPetaluma.org/sponsors

WordPress Bi-Weekly Coffee Klatch

Community: WordPress Southwest Florida

02/19/2020 11:00 am | Fort Myers (USA)

The Grind Coffee House and Roaster
16250 Summerlin Rd, Fort Myers (USA)

We will be in a private meeting room. Go strait to the back past the booths and the meeting room is to the right with double doors. Before the restrooms.

¡Sign up!

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Map Fort Myers (USA)

We only ask that each person purchase something small from the coffee shop. They have items as reasonable as $0.75 and great fruit smoothies.
• 11 am Meetup Organizer’s welcome and general housekeeping
• Introductions - State your name and 30-Second introduction.
• Primary Topic
• Discussion about primary topic.
• General questions and troubleshooting individual issues as a group - we all want to know how to solve the same issue should it arrive for us.

We are trying our best to start our meetings on time because we know everyone's time is valuable. Please arrive on time as we don't want to run over our allotted time. Also, please don't arrive too early as we don't want the clock to start ticking on our meeting room before the Meetup actually starts.

Organizer: Ani C. @AniRealRecipes (https://twitter.com/AniRealRecipes)

A big thank you to The Grind Coffee House and Roaster https://thegrindfl.com for the use of their private meeting room. Seating is limited to approximately 10 guests. Please RSVP and update if your situation changes since seating is limited.

WordPress Wednesdays! (WordPress Q&A/Training @ Spokane Valley Library)

Community: WordPress Spokane

02/19/2020 12:00 pm | Spokane Valley (USA)

Spokane Valley Library
12004 E Main Ave, Spokane Valley (USA)

BY CAR: Drive down Sprague Ave and turn on N Pine Road. BY BUS: From Downtown, take the 90 Bus and get off oat Sprague & Pine. GOOGLE MAPS: https://goo.gl/maps/F4y6pHpoGjV9Lk7h9

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Map Spokane Valley (USA)

Join us for a in-person Q&A/Training for all things WordPress!
(There is a limit because of room space.)

Bring your laptop, bring your questions, bring any tips and tricks you might have. Trying to set up a site? Trying to figure out a tech problem? Infected and unsure where to go?

There will always be a professional around to ask questions.

So whether you're an absolute beginner learning the ropes or a power user building a business, you are welcome to come out to exchange ideas, network with each other, and have a good time!

Where: Spokane Valley Library

When: Pop in anytime between 12-2pm in Spokane Valley Library

Who should join: Beginner WordPress. (Experienced WP users can come too, but you may have more value on the 2nd/4th Weds at Downtown Spokane.)

Cost: Free. This is an open event. Everyone is welcome.

Typical structure:

• Be ready with your list of questions

• Pop in during 12-2pm.

• Work on your WordPress site. Blogging, setting up a new plugin, or solve a problem.

• Wrap up at any time when you're finished!

Have something of value to share? Make a suggestion here: http://www.meetup.com/Spokane-WordPress-Meetup/suggestion/

Birmingham WordPress Meetup

Community: WordPress Birmingham

02/19/2020 04:00 pm | Birmingham (USA)

American Financial Management Inc
2131 Data Office Dr #250, Birmingham (USA)

Message the Organizer

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Map Birmingham (USA)

Thanks for joining us at the Birmingham WordPress Meetup!

At this 2 Hour Event we will be discussing

• WordPress News - (15 Minutes)

• WordPress Hosting - (15 Minutes)

• WordPress Plugins / Integrations (1 Hour)
A. Sell more products and services with this plugin
B. How to quickly add more Products to your WordPress Website

• WordPress Security (15 Minutes)
A. Even more ways to keep your WordPress Website Secure

• WordPress Questions & Answers (15 Minutes)

Speaker - Jimmy Bearden (JimmyBearden.net)


American Financial Management
2131 Data Drive Suite 250
Hoover,AL 35244

We also cover a wide range of topics that include: WooCommerce, Hosting, Advertising, Internet Marketing, Online Marketing, Lead Generation, Affiliate Marketing, Website Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Google analytics, Optimizing Digital Marketing Campaigns, Online Advertising, Digital Advertising, CPA Marketing, Facebook Marketing, Google AdWords, Instagram Marketing, Pay Per Click, PPC.

WordPress Office Hours {{{Free Website Help}}}

Community: WordPress Georgetown

02/19/2020 05:30 pm | Georgetown (USA)

Georgetown Public Library
402 W. 8th Street, Georgetown (USA)

Classroom 211 - Upstairs

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Map Georgetown (USA)

Join us in advance of our regular monthly meetup for WP Georgetown Office Hours. Meet Amber & Bill, your friendly WordPress Meetup organizers and get FREE help on anything WordPress related - whether it's your website or a project you're working on for a client.

Bring your computer and a list of questions! Then, stay for the presentation at 6:00 or feel free to leave once your question is answered.

What can we help with? Our volunteers can assist with:
- Plugin advice
- Theme advice
- CSS help
- HTML help
- Code issues
- Security advice
- Speed Issues
... and more!

What You Need to Know about Web Accessibility for Persons with Vision Problems

Community: WordPress Asheville

02/19/2020 06:00 pm | Asheville (USA)

Mojo Coworking
60 N Market Street, Asheville (USA)

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Sponsored by Postmark, so we will have Pizza!

This session is intended for anyone who builds or designs websites, but it’s useful for anyone who uses websites, too. Gary Ray, a blind advocate for accessibility and a former consultant, explains the reason accessibility matters, what makes a website accessible and tips for making and designing accessible websites.
Gary will describe his experience browsing the internet and provide examples of well-designed and implemented accessible websites, as well as examples of websites with no accessibility. You’ll be able to identify the differences and understand what it’s like to surf without sight.
The tips come during the “show and tell” and afterward, when he outlines the steps you need to take to make your website accessible. A question-and-answer session will follow.
Gary Ray is an entertaining speaker and an Asheville native. After losing his sight to retinitis pigmentosa, he decided to help other sight-impaired people. As Director of Volunteer Services for the North Carolina Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped, Gary spoke across the state to groups of newly blind individuals, consumer groups and regional blind associations, sharing his story.

Hosted by Mark Bloom (https://rayaccess.com/).

Building Complex Forms in WordPress

Community: WordPress Georgetown

02/19/2020 06:00 pm | Georgetown (USA)

Georgetown Public Library
402 W. 8th Street, Georgetown (USA)

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Map Georgetown (USA)

Join us for a presentation on form building in WordPress following our monthly Office Hours from 5:30-6 PM. Amber from Road Warrior Creative will be presenting on building complex forms with WordPress and her form builder of choice, Gravity Forms. We'll talk about how to make long forms (like customer intake forms, etc.) easier and faster for your website users to fill out, as well as more visually appealing and less overwhelming. Along the way, Amber will demo some neat Gravity Forms extensions that allow you to take your forms even further - without having to know/write code.

Bring your computer and any questions you might have about form building. If you have a different form builder of choice, there will be time to share it with the room and talk about why you love it.

Come join our growing Kona Wordpress community!

Community: WordPress Kailua-Kona

02/19/2020 06:00 pm | Kailua-Kona (USA)

Daylight Mind Coffee Company
75-5770 Alii Drive, Kailua-Kona (USA)

Daylight Mind Coffee Company - Waterfront Row - Kona (Upstairs) -75-5770 Aliʻi Dr, Kailua-Kona, HI 96740

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Map Kailua-Kona (USA)

Aloha and welcome to Kailua-Kona's WordPress community!

Bring your ideas and willingness to learn something new in Wordpress. We discuss updates, themes, plugins and various Wordpress day to day issues and solutions.

Next week is a new location and time. Please see the calendar for changes.

We will begin as soon as the first person arrives. If you have a topic to discuss, please add it to the discussion area using the menu link above. This gives other attendees the chance to consider the discussion and add to the topic.

We do not have a set topic. Topics come from the community.

If you have a particular Wordpress question, new idea, or just want to know how to get started, we're here to help. If you have a problem you need reviewed, please come prepared with your domain name and the related username/login information necessary to access your site.

Even if you don't have a domain name, or know what any of that is, we can start from there. All levels of inquiry are welcome.

This meeting will be every 3rd Wednesday of the month. Check the calendar for future times and days.

WordPress General Meetup

Community: WordPress Las Vegas

02/19/2020 06:00 pm | Las Vegas (USA)

Work in Progress
317 S 6th St, Las Vegas (USA)

In the garage

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Map Las Vegas (USA)

Russell Aaron: Google Tag Manager and how to use it with WordPress.

Russ will be stopping by to show us what Google Tag Manager is, how to use it with WordPress and even testing a few things out. We'll discuss plugins you can use with Tag Manager.

Laura Coronado: The Blog Post Outline: What It Is and Why You Need It

If you're not creating a blog outline before you or writer begins a blog post, you are missing out on the opportunities to control the quality of your content and enhance your website's SEO. So, what is a blog outline? What should go into it? What does it look like? Las Vegas WordPress Meetup member, Laura Coronado, will show you.

Design your own website! - WordPress Workshop (FREE)

Community: WordPress Myrtle Beach

02/19/2020 06:00 pm | Myrtle Beach (USA)

RdyToGo - Web Design
4015 Belle Terre Blvd. Unit 1505, Myrtle Beach (USA)

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Map Myrtle Beach (USA)

The excitement is building, and our growing 450-strong community of WordPress users is making a difference. It is so awesome to enjoy tech and business networking with so many enthusiastic people and to work with such warm, creative, and talented local people. Let's keep this momentum going.

If you have started or inherited a WordPress website and wish you knew how to; (1) make changes to it, (2) make it look better, or (3) how to add new functionality to it, then this is the group to join. We are an active group of business owners, bloggers, techies, artists, and retirees. Our diverse and accepting group is there for you and wants you to succeed.

Topic to be announced soon

- Meet and Greet - 10min
- Food Sponsor Presentation - 5min
- Workshop Session - 45min
- Questions and Answers - 25min
- Closing Remarks - 5min

There is free parking available in front of and behind the building. Do not park in front of Healthy Home Carpet Cleaning. (They Tow)

- Laptop or Tablet computing device to follow along. (charge your device, as we have a limited number of power outlets.)
- Writing pad and utensils for note-taking.
- An eager desire to learn something fun.

-Our Food Sponsor will provide appetizers and beverages.

We will hang out at the Doesn't Matter Bar and Grill right after the meetup for some libations and networking.

Please let us know if you are planning on attending. That way, we can prepare appropriately. See you there!

As we previously announced, the WordPress Foundation approved Myrtle Beach for hosting a WordCamp in 2020. What an honor!

This approval is a big win for Myrtle Beach. We can now show off what amazing things are happening in our region. We can clear the stigma some people associate with our town. Most importantly, we can have a fun time while empowering new friends with the skills needed to promote themselves using WordPress.

If there were ever an event that everyone living in the greater Grand Strand tech community should be excited about and rally behind, this is it. We are still looking for WordCamp volunteers, and we will soon be having WordCamp planning meetings.

Beaverton WordPress Social Meetup - February 19, 2020

Community: WordPress Portland

02/19/2020 06:00 pm | Beaverton (USA)

Beaverton City Library
12375 SW 5th St, Beaverton (USA)

Enter the Beaverton Library first set of doors. Go left past the bathrooms, do not actually enter the library itself. Bring a jacket, this room is abnormally cold.

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Map Beaverton (USA)

The Beaverton WordPress Social Meetup will be at the Beaverton Library, Cathy Stanton Conference Room, from 6:00-8:00PM on Wednesday, February 19th. The Beaverton Library closes at 8PM and we must be out by then.

This meetup is a social event designed for WordPress users to help each other use WordPress better and improve their knowledge.

The meeting is free and open to users of all levels. We are here to learn from each other, so bring your questions and answers to share.

Please bring your laptop, mouse, power cords, extra batteries, water bottle, and any passwords and usernames you may require for access to your site, email, server, FTP, etc. The Beaverton Library offers free and open wifi, so be familiar with how to connect to wifi with your laptop. It is highly recommended that you backup your site before attending to ensure the safety and security of your site's content and design.

Assistance in setting up take down will be needed. If you can help, please arrive a few minutes before the event or stay after to help clean.

After the event we will be walking to AVA Roasteria across the street from the Library. Feel free to join us and continue the conversation.

Basic usage of Git and GitHub with your local environment

Community: WordPress Pullman

02/19/2020 06:00 pm | Moscow (USA)

1912 Center
412 E 3rd St, Moscow (USA)

We'll be on the 2nd floor in the Fiske Room.

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Map Moscow (USA)

This month we are going to learn the basics of using Git and GitHub with your local environment. Steven Locker is presenting.

For those of you who don't know what Git is, here is the Wikipedia definition: "Git is a distributed version-control system for tracking changes in source code during software development. It is designed for coordinating work among programmers, but it can be used to track changes in any set of files. Its goals include speed, data integrity, and support for distributed, non-linear workflows."

If you want to be more prepared to learn, go sign up for a free account at GitHub.com prior to the meeting. For an introduction to Git, check out the book "Git for Humans" by David Demaree at ABookApart.com.

Racine WordPress Community Meetup

Community: WordPress Racine

02/19/2020 06:00 pm | Racine (USA)

Atmosphere Collaborative Space
829 Wisconsin Ave, Racine (USA)

"829" in big letters over the door of the street entrance.

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Map Racine (USA)

The Racine WordPress Meetup Group believes our community should be open to everyone. As such, we are committed to providing a friendly, safe and welcoming environment for all, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, disability, ethnicity, religion, preferred operating system, programming language, or text editor.

Come with your WordPress questions, issues, or concerns. There will be an open conversation every month, so that we can help one another with answers, suggestions, our favorite tools or plugins, etc. Bring your laptops! There is wi-fi, and we can Chromecast to the large screen for demos or troubleshooting.

PLEASE RSVP as space is limited.

Atmosphere Collaborative Space
829 Wisconsin Avenue in Racine, Wisconsin
Metered street parking is free after 6 PM

WordPress Developers: Git and Git Flow

Community: WordPress Seattle

02/19/2020 06:00 pm | Seattle (USA)

2306 42nd Ave SW
2306 42nd Ave SW, Seattle (USA)

In the Meeting Room

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Map Seattle (USA)

6:00pm: Networking/Chatting/Geeking Out 🤓
6:10pm: Introductions
6:15pm: Git/Git Flow discussion from Ryan and discussion.
7:15pm: Wrap-up

**Please note the West Seattle Library location for this month only!**

All are welcome to attend but please note: we do have a tendency to talk about some technical/developer topics. If you are looking for some less developer-focused topics, you may want to attend one of our many other Meetups each month.

WooCommerce AZ RSVP: https://www.meetup.com/Phoenix-WooCommerce-Meetup-Group

Community: WordPress Arizona

02/19/2020 06:30 pm | Phoenix (USA)

515 East Grant Street, Phoenix, Arizona, 85004, Phoenix (USA)

Enter the front door and follow the signs to. 😃

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Map Phoenix (USA)

Our WooCommerce Meetup is official now! RSVP here:

This WooCommerce Meetup is sponsored by WooCommerce, and Liquid Web Hosting, and Mode Effect.

WooCommerce AZ RSVP: https://www.meetup.com/Phoenix-WooCommerce-Meetup-Group

Community: WordPress Arizona

02/19/2020 06:30 pm | Phoenix (USA)

515 East Grant Street, Phoenix, Arizona, 85004, Phoenix (USA)

Enter the front door and follow the signs to. 😃

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Map Phoenix (USA)

Our WooCommerce Meetup is official now! RSVP here:

This WooCommerce Meetup is sponsored by WooCommerce, and Liquid Web Hosting, and Mode Effect.

WordPress Monthly Meetup

Community: WordPress Corvallis

02/19/2020 06:30 pm | Corvallis (USA)

Corvallis Foundry
257 SW Madison Avenue Suite 210, Corvallis (USA)

If the door is locked, post a comment on the event and we'll come down and let you in.

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Signed up 9.

Map Corvallis (USA)

This is a casual event for conversation and networking among people who use WordPress. There will be an opportunity to break out into smaller groups to troubleshoot issues or discuss specific topics, unconference-style. Bringing a laptop or tablet is recommended, along with the questions or topics you'd like to discuss!

The St. Louis WordPress Meetup

Community: WordPress Saint Louis

02/19/2020 06:30 pm | St. Louis (USA)

St. Louis
St. Louis (USA)

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Map St. Louis (USA)




To be determined


Since many folks attend with questions in-hand we want to make it easier for them to get answers. Instead of making people wait till the end of the evening to ask their questions, we're going to dedicate the first 30 minutes of the evening to questions and conversation. Need help with something? Have a cool site to share? The is the time.


6:30pm to 7:00pm - Question & Answer time. Come to help others, ask questions, and socialize before the main event.

7pm to 7:15pm - Introductions and housekeeping.

7:15pm to 8:30pm - Main topic of the evening and presentations.

Let's talk about WordPress!

Community: WordPress Antelope Valley

02/19/2020 07:00 pm | Palmdale (USA)

Panera Bread
39403 10th St W, Palmdale (USA)

We'll be at the big table in the dining room.

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Map Palmdale (USA)

You'll want to find each other at the Panera -- it's open until 9, so a 7 pm start time gives you two good hours to talk, and the internet is better there too!

The WordPress Community team is looking for some folks to take the lead in hands-on organizing your Meetups, but if you're reading this and thinking, "I've got to be a better organizer than this lame broad. At least I live on the proper side of the Continental Divide!" Then I invite you to come take over.

It could be the start of a beautiful new Meetup experience, or a whole new career!

Either way, since I'm in St. Louis, you probably should start meeting at the Panera (or as I call it, the St. Louis Bread Company 😜) and talking among yourselves. If you have specific questions about themes, the block editor or typography, please feel free to drop me a text. That's far and away the best way to get my attention for anything!


GatsbyJS with WordPress

Community: WordPress Boise

02/19/2020 07:00 pm | Boise (USA)

Trailhead Boise
500 S 8th St, Boise (USA)

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Map Boise (USA)

Many development teams, content teams, and client decision-makers are familiar with WordPress.

Using Gatsby together with WordPress is an extremely easy migration path for website teams looking for better security, site performance, and development speed.

Clients are often familiar with WordPress content management workflows. Instead of attempting to convince them to use a whole new stack, putting Gatsby on top of WordPress is a way to deliver benefits without changing their content editing experience.

About the speaker: Josh Rudzek
Josh is a freelance web designer & developer. Though not exclusive to WordPress, a majority of his work is with the WordPress CMS. He enjoys building sites that not only look nice and function well but are easy to use and manage. He has experience developing custom themes and plugins for WordPress from over twelve years in the industry.

WordPress Security 101

Community: WordPress Red Wing

02/19/2020 07:00 pm | Red Wing (USA)

Red Wing Ignite
419 Bush St, Red Wing (USA)

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Map Red Wing (USA)

Have you ever had a site hacked, or know someone who has? If not, it's just a matter of time. They say, "it's not if, it's when."

We will talk about several ways you can protect and secure your site and data including: backups, plugins, hosting hacks, third-party services, and best practices.

Also, free pizza!

Photo courtesy of David Rangel

Thursday, February 20, 2020
WordPress Talk

Community: WordPress Greenville

02/20/2020 11:30 am | Greenville (USA)

NEXT Innovation Center
411 University Ridge, Greenville (USA)

Please try to carpool or use the parking lot across the street at Hayne-Sirrine Stadium.

¡Sign up!

Signed up 11.

Map Greenville (USA)

Please join us for our regular monthly meetup featuring Ryan McAllen. Come prepared to listen to a great talk!

What You Will Learn:
Ryan will show you how to integrate custom requests into a WordPress install.

About Ryan:
Ryan's a big boy who loves to eat, laugh, and talk. You'll like him...or you won't.

Important Note:
We have a new location! Please try to carpool or use the parking lot across the street at Hayne-Sirrine Stadium.

Running Order (Subject to Change):
11:30 am: Arrive for networking and refreshments
11:45 am - Opening remarks
12 pm - Speaker
12:40 pm - Open Q&A Session
12:50 pm - Closing remarks & Social
1:00 pm - End

******Anyone that comes to the MeetUp gets 3 MONTH FREE HOSTING of the Swift Hosting plan from our sponsor A2HOSTING.COM (https://www.a2hosting.com/web-hosting)******

Code of Conduct:

Lawton WordPress Users Group Monthly Meetup

Community: WordPress Lawton

02/20/2020 11:30 am | Lawton (USA)

Great Plains Business Development Center
1601 SW Park Ridge Blvd, Suite #105, Lawton (USA)

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Signed up 4.

Map Lawton (USA)

The Meetup location is off of West Lee Blvd. Google Maps may try to take you to a location on SW Park, which is incorrect.

Pizza lunch will be provided by Striped Ape Digital Media of Lawton. It will be a great opportunity to meet like minded folks. We will have a short presentation on the new Gutenberg Editor.

Please RSVP so there is enough pizza.

SEO Hacks That You Can Do TODAY!

Community: WordPress West Georgia

02/20/2020 11:30 am | Douglasville (USA)

Fame Internet Marketing
8444 Campbellton St, Douglasville (USA)

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Signed up 13.

Map Douglasville (USA)

Come to our next meetup to learn 5 easy hacks you can do today to help your site's SEO. Presented by local experts, Two Fold Marketing.

Maui WordPress Meetup

Community: WordPress Maui

02/20/2020 05:00 pm | ()

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Map  ()

Meetups starts a few minutes after 5pm and ends by 7pm.

Reminder: Let others know on MauiWP.org or in the Facebook group if you have anything you want to share or ask questions others might be able to answer for you.

This is your meetup we talk about the things you want to talk about, so please let people know here:




If you plan to share something or hope to get an answer on something


Jon Brown

Happiness Bar - Any Question Answered

Community: WordPress Greenville

02/20/2020 05:30 pm | Greenville (USA)

Port City Java
11 S Main St, Greenville (USA)

It is right beside Wells Fargo on Main St. downtown Greenville.

¡Sign up!

Signed up 3.

Map Greenville (USA)

At our happiness bar we discuss projects that we're working on, ask questions of one another about any difficulties that we may be having, or simply catch up. This is a low pressure environment, and we're all here to share with one another.

We will be at Port City Java starting at 5:30pm. Just because you cannot get to the coffee shop at 5:30pm still come we will be there until 7:30pm to answer any questions.

What to bring if you are coming specifically for WordPress help:

• Bring your charged laptop with you
• Bring whatever logins needed to get into your site
• Be ready to take notes
• Be respectful of the time of everyone else attending
• Be willing to accept that some problems can't be solved in 15 minutes and may require more help than we can offer here
• Buy a drink or snack from Port City Java. They let us use the space for free!

Important to know:
We use the same Code of Conduct for our Meetup that we use for WordCamp Greenville, and it can be found here: https://2019.greenville.wordcamp.org/code-of-conduct/

Please be kind and courteous to all attendees and employees!