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2021-05-17 (Monday)
WordPress SG: Author Profiles (May 2021)

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2021-05-17 19:00

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Happy Monday!

Last month was super busy and we didn't get around to organising a meetup, let me know if you'd be interested in talking about anything related to WordPress this month or in the coming few months.

This month we have one talk and will helpfully keep it nice and short for you all as we're all super busy. I'm going to be talking about Author Profiles, why you should use them, and when you shouldn't use them. How to show them on your articles, SEO benefits and how to change and configure different author roles.

If you have any ideas for a topic then please submit it here --> https://forms.gle/nEENc9omHChpzhXU9

== Venue ==
https://www.zoom.us (details provided at Meetup.com)

== Talks ==
Talk 1: Author Profiles
Speaker: Shaan Nicol, ChillyBin Web Design

If you'd like to speak, please contact us!

== Target Audience ==
The talk this month is aimed at a general audience. They do not require any advanced or development (coding) knowledge of WordPress.

== RSVP's ==
We have limited space of 100, so please give up your RSVP if you cannot attend so that somebody else can come along. We will share the Zoom link to all of those that have RSVP'd shortly before the event.

== Agenda ==
On the night...
7:00pm - Welcome & livestream
7:05pm - Talk 1 + Questions
7:35pm - Talk 2 + Questions
8:05pm - General questions
8:30pm - Finish

== Venue Sponsor ==

== Food & Drink Sponsor ==
Eat and drink in the comfort of your own home.

== What to bring ==
Yourself and lots of questions.

== Important to know ==
Will update as needed.

== Permissions ==
Media from the events will be published to our social media channels upon presenter consent.

By attending you are giving us permission to include you in any photos or video recordings we make of the event and subsequent postings on social media sites. These photos or video recordings may appear in other media platforms if they request.

== Help ==
We're always looking for speakers and volunteers to help with our meetups! Please contact us if you're interested in helping out, know of a venue or would like to get involved as a sponsor.

== Slack ==
Join our Slack Workspace: https://sgwp.slack.com/

We use @chat.wordpress.org domain, as many other WordPress meetup groups do for their Slack Workspace.

To get the @chat.wordpress.org email address, you are required to sign up for a wordpress.org account. Thereafter proceed to https://make.wordpress.org/chat/ and check for your @chat.wordpress.org email address. Emails received at this address will be forwarded to the email account you sign up with at wordpress.org.

== Facebook ==
Join our Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/wordpress.sg/

== #hashtag ==
Use the hashtag #WordPressSG when posting any updates