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Created on 03/31/2016 with 3421 members.


About the Community

Age: 30 years

Women: 37.76%
Men: 56.10%
Other: 6.14%

We're a group of local WordPress developers, designers, and publishers who get together to share our knowledge and experiences. We aim to unite all WordPress users, enthusiast, fans and affectionados in the Philippines and encourage users from different regions in organizing their local WP meetup community and eventually nurture them to be significant future WP community contributors in the open source project. This provides a place to give back to the community by sharing their knowledge for free. 

We also organize the yearly volunteer-run WordCamp events and work in harmony with other tech and user groups in the Philippines especially open source supporters. We make our meetups a welcoming place to other WP users locally and from all over the world that visits the Philippines.

Everyone is welcome to join us!

We're still looking for passionate people that uses WordPress that would like administering our FB groups, pages and meetups, if you are interested, please PM any of the co-organizers and admins. 

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