WordPress Meetup in Chiriquí (Panamá)

2021-04-14 (Wednesday)
Site Instance Management Using Completely Free Tools

Community: WordPress Las Lajas

2021-04-14 10:00

Online event

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Site instance management can be done using completely free tools like Duplicator, VirtualBox and Bitnami. These tools allow you to create "sandbox" versions of your site for Dev, QA etc.

People typically think of backup as incremental backups, or of storing a copy of a site in case it's needed later. The topic here is on how to create a working copy right away, either on a hosting account, or a local virtual machine (running Linux)... with as few steps as possible, and only free software, no Pro versions needed.

Presenter: Jordan Wonder-Arise (Jordan Gallagher)
Jordan is a senior full-stack web app developer and architect, with a lot of experience to offer on multiple levels of the stack, mostly leaning towards C#, Sitecore CMS, ASP.NET Core and MVC, SQL Server, and plenty of Javascript including Angular and other frameworks.