WordPress Meetup in West Bengal (India)

2021-01-27 (Wednesday)
Client Empowerment & Divi

Community: Divi Kolkata

2021-01-27 16:00

Online event

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Hi Divians,

We did great in 2020 and again here we are still virtual in 2021 till gathering allowed by government. Hope you won't miss the opportunity to learn from your home.

We are focusing on client empowerment in this months virtual Divi meetup.

So, have you ever had a client insist on having admin access to their website? They own it, so they have the right, but how long did it take before they called you to fix something broke once they logged in?

It become challenging when something wrong happens and you get a call to quick fix it. Join our this month's virtual meetup where you will be learning how you can empower your Divi clients. We will be focusing on the following topics:

1. What is Customer Empowerment?
2. Give control to clients.
3. Take control from clients?
4. Divi - Be a teacher.
5. Open Cage System.
6. Conclusion.

Speaker: Manas Mitra

Manas Mitra has been working with WordPress and Divi for more than 5 years and has sucessfully delivered more than 100 websites on Divi and WordPress and holds good experience.

Apply for speaker: https://bit.ly/divispeakercall

Thanks and regards,