WordPress Meetup in Uttar Pradesh (India)

2021-01-30 (Saturday)
WordPress Security

Community: WordPress Lucknow

2021-01-30 11:00

Online event

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In this era of digital crime, website security is the most important aspect to give a serious look at. There are many key points one has to remember for a fully secure website, and hence in this section, we will look into how one can gear up into creating a fully secure website. Meanwhile, we will also discuss the pros and cons of the major security plugins of WordPress.
If you have no idea what these plugins do, don’t worry. We will dig deep to give you a brief picture of what these plugins do and how it can help you out.

Our online meet will follow the following order:
1. An Introduction by the event host.
2. A quick brief by the attendees about themselves.
3. Discussion on the relevant topics.
4. Conclusion
5. Q&A session.

Overview of event discussion:
Why website security is important? How to keep the website secure?
Necessary tools for building a secure website? Examples of popular WordPress attacks and their cures?

We request you to take a look at the following guidelines once:

In case of any query, do feel free to contact us.
*The session will be shared only via Google Meet.