WordPress Meetup in Tamil Nadu (India)

2021-01-23 (Saturday)
WordPress Intercity MeetUp - Jan 2021

Community: WordPress Chennai

2021-01-23 16:00

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In this talk, Shebin aims to provide an introduction to WordPress plugin development and WordPress customizer API. The session will be in a workshop format where Shebin will show how to build plugins by building one from scratch.

About the speaker

Shebin K P is a Software Engineer with Aufait UX. He graduated from Vedavyasa Institute of Technology in 2020 with a bachelor’s degree, and enjoys using his skills to contribute to open-source. A passionate coder, Shebin is a Mozilla community evangelist and a technology speaker.

About the Intercity Meetup

This is the third intercity meetup and is jointly organized by WP Chennai, WP Bengaluru, WP Kochi, WP Kozhikode, WP Trivandrum, WP Palakkad, and WP Madurai to bring various communities together virtually and share knowledge.