WordPress Meetup in Maharashtra (India)

Saturday, February 29, 2020
February WordPress Meetup

Community: WordPress Mumbai

02/29/2020 03:30 pm | Mumbai (India)

Endurance International Group
Western Express Hwy, Mumbai (India)

This is besides NESCO Ground, before Hub Mall (McDonalds).

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We have two WordPress Sessions lined up for you:

1. Choosing the right hosting for your WordPress website by Pratik Jagdishwala.

Pratik is a Product Manager at Endurance International Group (which has brands like Bluehost, Resellerclub, Bigrock and more) and has worked in the hosting industry for over 15yrs. He'll simplify the various options available in the market for hosting a WordPress Website and tell you which one you should pick and why.

2. Investigate and recover from a security breach on your WordPress Website by Sanyog Shelar.

Sanyog is Cyber-expert and CTO of Version-next technologies. He's one of the founders of Mad-popo WordPress Hosting. Everyone tells you what you should do to avoid getting hacked but what should one do in an unfortunate event that you do get hacked. Sanyog is going to exactly tell us that!

Our venue and refreshments for this meetup is provided by Bluehost India. We thank our sponsors who help us organize regular meetups at zero cost.