WordPress Meetup in Maharashtra (India)

2021-04-16 (Friday)
Translation Work Along (Self Study) meetup

Community: WordPress Pune

2021-04-16 16:00

Online event

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Casual work along with translating WordPress core and plugins. This of it as co-working rather than having a grand discussion or decision.

This is not about speed but continued small progress being made every 2 weeks.

What does everyone translate?

Everyone picks whatever they want. People have translated docs (handbook pages, HelpHub articles), blog posts, plugins, themes – just about anything.

Are there any dos and don’ts?


- Work on whatever you like.
- Keep your pace. If you want to skip a week, then skip
- Make sure to announce it every time. Reminders will help not only others but yourself too.

Why are you doing this?

The goal is to avoid stagnation. Even if it’s once a week, the habit makes it easier to get back to work next time.

How effective has this initiative been?
However small, you can see some kind of progress every week.

You have a place to bring up a topic for discussion with others.
It’s fun! It has something to look forward to.

Idea Credits: Idea taken from Moku Moku Hour: Japanese Team’s Regular Translation Coworking Time for Building a Contribution Habit

What’s “moku moku”?
“Moku moku (もくもく)” is an onomatopoeia describing quietness. In the tech culture in Japan, “moku moku kai” (= quiet meetup) is a common format where participants gather and use the time for self-study or self-work with occasional chats.