WordPress Meetup in Gujarat (India)

2021-01-30 (Saturday)
January 2021 WordPress Nadiad Meetup

Community: WordPress Nadiad

2021-01-30 11:00

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Hello WPFolks,

Our Second Meetup for January 2021 is on 30th January, Saturday.


Advanced WordPress Training

Topic Description:

1. Topics to cover in Advanced WordPress Training
2. How to add posts, pages, media etc.
3. How to add new theme or wordpress.org theme.
4. How to add new plugin, custom plugin or wordpress.org plugin
5. How to create good WordPress Designs theme

This will be the best session for you if you are thinking of learning Advanced WordPress. It can be granted to build small websites and know the importance of using it in a professional way.

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It's an online (Virtual) Meetup

Event Link: https://meet.google.com/cuw-yrqr-ewz
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Time & Date:
11:00 AM Saturday, 30th January 2021

WordCamp India 2021 - Workshop Days | #WCIndia

Community: WordPress Vadodara

2021-01-30 15:00

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WordCamp India arrives🎉
The most important event in the WordPress user community. Get ready for two day full of talks and networking events. Come meet the great community that is changing the web.

WordCamp India 2021 will be a virtual online event.

What is WordCamp India?
The WordCamp is a 2-day conference and dozens of talks, focused on everything related to WordPress. WordCamps are events organized by and for the community, which unite WordPress users: from the developer, programmer, designer to the casual user, everyone participates, shares ideas and knows each other. https://central.wordcamp.org/about/

At these events, even those who are beginners and work (or want to work) on the web can also participate. WordCamps are events dedicated to all those who want to share, collaborate, learn something new, keep abreast of technological progress, exchange information and experiences, make new friends and find collaborators for new projects. All about the WordPress world.

About Workshop Days

This will be two days of multilingual workshops.
On these days, we will stream a few basic workshops on getting familiar with WordPress and do that in hopefully 4-5 native-to-India languages.
After the live stream, the workshop volunteers will host a discussion or Q & A session.
We hope to be able to create several such workshops in different languages and upload them to learn.wordpress.org where they could live as recorded workshops and lesson plans that anyone can use.


WordCamp India 2021 Official Website:

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See you at the WordCamp India 😊

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