WordPress Meetup in Gujarat (India)

2020-10-24 (Saturday)
October 2020 WordPress Ahmedabad Meetup

Community: WordPress Ahmedabad

2020-10-24 17:00

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Find below details for our October month meetup for the year 2020 is on 24th October 2020, Saturday at 05:00 PM IST.

First session

1. The Developer's Approach: Inherit new demands in the industry through self-exposure in Covid-19

Topic Description:
- How to update & craft your profile on LinkedIn & other various platforms?
- Tips for writing effective Developer specific profile.
- How a developer can turn social media platform into a solution pitch?
- Different methods to inherit the demands post Covid-19 market.
- Importance of personal branding [personal website, identity, influence]
- What is the best way to relate yourself with a non-tech person?
- How fast can you increase demand for yourself in terms of WordPress web development, customized solutions?
- 5 Mantras to be a "COMPETITIVE" WordPress developer.
- 2 Secret Formulas for developer's approach towards the client.

Sumant Luhar

Second Session

2. To Terminal, or Not To Terminal

Topic Description:
Let's see how we can be friends with the Terminal and make our life easier.
We will go through some basic tasks which we often do manually or reach out
to bulky GUI apps.
There won't be the superhuman stuff you see in YouTube videos. Our goal is to
familiarize you with it, so you can learn to be superhuman on your own.
No previous experience required.
Come with an open mind and your favourite terminal.

Dhaval Shah

- This is a free event, anyone can join it.

It's an online (Virtual) MeetUp
Event Link: https://meet.google.com/fda-oiyy-vsi
Google Meet

Time & Date:
05:00 PM IST Saturday, 20th September 2020

2020-10-31 (Saturday)
October2020 Veraval WordPress Meetup

Community: WordPress Veraval

2020-10-31 15:30

Online event

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