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WordPress Birmingham (UK)

Created on 10/11/2012 with 860 members.


About the Community

Age: 39 years

Women: 29.49%
Men: 64.90%
Other: 5.61%

Calling anyone who works with or would like to work with WordPress. WordPress Birmingham is a friendly monthly meetup for developers and users of WordPress. Meet like-minded developers, entrepreneurs, freelancers, professionals, bloggers, and everyone in between. Talk with others and find out how they are using WordPress. So if you're a newbie or an expert and love to talk about WordPress come along and mingle with your local WordPress community!

Got a question? You can find out more about WordPress Birmingham by contacting the organisers here, or join the conversation online by either following us on Twitter, Instagram or join the meetup-birmingham channel in the WordPress UK Slack.

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