WordPress Meetup in Nouvelle-Écosse (Canada)

2020-11-25 (Wednesday)
#57: Host your own ClickFunnels with WordPress & CartFlows

Community: WordPress Halifax

2020-11-25 19:00

Online event

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--What to Bring--
Yourself, your questions so you can show us your WordPress site whether it is just beginning or around for a while.

-- 7:00: Zoom opens --

-- 7:10 Opening Remarks --

-- 7:15: Presentation by Amy Harrison

Learn all about Sales Funnels and CartFlows. CartFlows is a great alternative to ClickFunnels that you host on your hosted WordPress website. Pages can be edited using familiar tools like Elementor and CartFlows even integrates with WooCommerce. Create sales funnels for your business or your client's business quickly and easily.

--8:00: Happiness Bar --
We will randomize attendees into smaller breakout rooms. You can share your screen to get help, feedback, learn something new or help a buddy out. Chat and get to know fellow WordPress bloggers, designers and developers.