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The Toronto WordPress Group

Created on 2009-12-27 with 2932 members.


About the Community

Age: 39 years

Women: 34.40%
Men: 59.38%
Other: 6.22%

The Toronto WordPress Group brings together WordPress enthusiasts of all types, whether you are a designer, programmer or end-user; beginner, intermediate, or advanced.

Starting with informal "pub social" Meetups in January 2010, we've grown through pubs, cafes, libraries, and office spaces. At our peak we were running meetups with ~80 attendees per session. We're now running a handful of different meetup series in spaces around Toronto, from Etobicoke to Scarborough.

The group is evolving, as is the meeting structure. With presentations on a wide range of WordPress related topics, and great discussion about all things WordPress, meetings are lively and interesting. Join us, and find out why WordPress is so popular!

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