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St. John's WordPress Meetup

Created on 2017-02-09
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About the Community

Age: 36 years

Women: 42.06%
Men: 47.66%
Other: 10.28%

This WordPress group is being organized to hold monthly get-togethers and discussions around the WordPress blogging platform. This group is suitable for designers, developers, and bloggers of all levels (including beginners). The focus is on the creative use of WordPress for site design and development. The group will also address topics related to content such as Wordpress SEO, though may or may not deal with content development in and of itself.

We get together to share our knowledge and experience, and to meet other WordPress users in the area. Everyone's welcome regardless of experience.  We'll always do our best to hold our events at accessible venues and maintain entry free of charge. 

Come along and become part of the growing community! 

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