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Niagara WordPress Meetup

Created on 2016-11-08 with 316 members.


About the Community

Age: 37 years

Women: 33.94%
Men: 57.34%
Other: 8.72%

We're a group of local WordPress developers, designers, and publishers who get together to share our knowledge and experience, and to meet other WordPress users in the area.  This WordPress Meetup is open to all who love WordPress, regardless of technical skills, experience, or backgrounds --- join us!

WordPress Niagara gets together regularly throughout the region, to discuss WordPress related security, programming, marketing, design, and updates. We encompass a large area, from Grimsby and Wainfleet, to Fort Erie, Niagara-on-the-lake, Niagara Falls, Welland, and St. Catharines. If you'd like to help organize events in towns throughout the region, let us know!

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