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The WordPress Gold Coast meetup is here for those completely new to WordPress right up to the seasoned developer.

If you run your own blog, manage a website for your workplace or build websites for clients, you'll be sure to learn something new, or at the very least, meet some great like-minded people!

Held on the last Thursday of every month, at the Gold Coast Innovation Hub in Robina. Our meetings are designed to be packed full of information for all skill levels. We try to alternate between beginner, intermediate and advanced levels with Marketing related topics, depending on speaker availability.

Let us know at the next event or in the Meetup discussions, if you have any topic requests, would like to give your own presentation, or have any other suggestions to improve the meetups.

Tip: Arrive by 6pm to grab some pizza and cold drink.

The Meetups are FREE to attend and includes pizza, water and soft drinks with special thanks to our sponsors who kindly cover the room, food & drink costs:

• GCHub Robina (https://www.gchub.com.au/)
• Conetix (https://www.conetix.com.au/)
• Plesk (https://www.plesk.com/)
• WPEngine (https://wpengine.com)

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